Electronica Carbide is the best solution for extreme wear problems. Our carbide posseses unique engineering properties that often outlast steel and other wear materials by as much as 10: 1.

Electronica Carbide is used in parts that must withstand deflection, deformation, extreme wear, impact, corrosion, heavy loading, and high temperatures. We process our own powders – from start to finish, Our grades have much finer grain and a more uniform structure than our competitors.

We are born tough! Increase reliability and efficiency of systems using Electronica Tungsten Carbide Customer specific components for the Pumps, valves, injectors and Turbochargers.

High Pressure Pumps

  • Wear washers
  • Valve piston
  • Valve ball
  • Plunger
  • Cam coupling

Valve Train

  • Roller
  • Floating bushing
  • Bushing
  • Pin valve lifter plate
  • Valve seat
  • Valve guide stop
  • Wear pad
  • Mechanical transmitter

Injectors and Common Rails

  • Mechanical transmitter
  • Actuators
  • Valve piston
  • Solenoid stop valve
  • Valve needle
  • Valve ball


  • Bushing
  • Axles

Turbochargers in diesel engines performs the role to combat the technical causes of black exhaust and ensure that the automotive engine gets enough air for complete combustion. Applying Tungsten Carbide in key areas protects the shape and design of the part, ensuring optimum performance throughout its entire life. Make greater progress with Electronica tungsten carbide tools for Automotive Industry.