Tungsten Powders

Tungsten Tri-Oxide

High quality Tungsten Tri-Oxide is produced by Green Technology in state of art plant. The process is developed by R & D Unit of STICE (Sinnar Taluka Industrial Co-op Estate Ltd.). The technique is indigenously developed and equipment is also indigenously built. It has acquired the latest and sophisticated Quality Control equipment. The powder produced is of international standards.

Tungsten Metal Powder

The WO3 is reduced in a controlled atmosphere in a continuous pusher type furnace and the tungsten metal is produced.
Average Particle size : from 0.50 µ to 20 µfsss.

Tungsten Carbide Powder

The Tungsten Metal powder is converted to Tungsten Carbide (WC) by reaction with pure Carbon powder in furnace, by a process called carborization. Tungsten Carbide is, quantitatively, the most important Tungsten compound. Because of its hardness, it is the main constituent in cemented carbide (hard metal).
Average Particle size : from 1 µ to 17 µfsss

Graded Powder(RTP Powder)

The Tungsten carbide powder is to be mixed with binder elements like Cobalt or Nickel and other alloying elements. The composition is pre-decided. The grades, which are based on their end application have different combination of alloying elements & pressing lubricants. The mix powder is prepared by milling. This powder is called as "Ready to press".

Fused Tungsten Carbide(FTC)

The strength & hardness of carbide makes it useful as tough, long-life abrasive grit. It is used in matrix mixture for various applications and also for hard facing rods.
Average Particle size : from 0.1 mm to 1 mm