We exist and grow to delight the Customers by providing Tungsten Carbide Quality Products & Services in domestic & Export Market. We are committed for continual improvement of Health, Safety and Environmental Management System to enhance its performance by Prevention of pollution, injury & ill health.

Our aim is to provide safe, clean and green Environment.

We will achieve this by,

  • Conserving natural resources, minimizing waste generation and recycle / reuse of waste wherever feasible.
  • Adopting technology and system in product & process that will minimize environmental Pollution & Health Hazards.
  • Complying to the applicable Legal & Other requirements related to Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Educating, Training and motivating our employees to comply with Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.
  • Communicating & insisting all interested parties to carry out their tasks in safe and environment friendly manner.
  • Setting and periodically reviewing the Occupational Health, Safety and Environment objectives and targets.

Issue / Rev: 1 / 0

Date : 01/02/2016

A. S. Dharmadhikari

(Director & Occupier)